Alan W. Silberberg founded Silberberg Innovations (now part of DIGIJAKS, LLC) and Gov20LA. He is one of the most sought after international Gov 2.0 and Cyber Analysts and a frequent blogger and media commentator.  You can find more about him at Linkedin.

Alan has a 20+ year background in national politics media and technology. As a young staffer in the Clinton White House, he was a part of the transformational team that brought the White House into the digital age for phones and other communications. His media background crosses live television, radio and a deep understanding of the technology fundamentals and concerns in politics and Government.

He is the founder of Gov20LA which is the first west coast un-conference for Gov 2.0 tech.


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As the co-founder of “YOU2GOV” in 2008 – he participated in the formative years and played a key role in the public dialog and debates around Government 2.0

Alan W. Silberberg introducing Gov20LA 2010.