Your reputation is up to you, or is it?
Think about the big picture. Do not just rely on one of these services, but you should be actively checking on the health of your reputation. There are ways to make changes, but it requires one to pay attention first. You need to. Others are already.
From Russia with Gov 2.0
I am proud to present the following from my friend Alyona, who is a Gov 2.0 trailblazer in Russia. I was in Moscow this past April and saw first hand the exciting growth happening in the e-government space there.
Founder’s Recap of Gov20LA 2014
When governments can use technology openly to engage their citizens in a transparent dialogue that is genuinely two way, we all see massive changes happen. When budgets and records are open, and easily accessible by the people, suddenly light is cast upon the darkness. What was chaotic and possibly corrupt can now be viewed by all. This makes each one of us powerful.
Gov 2.0 Listening to the Global pulse
What I have learned mostly though, is that the breakneck pace of change that has been rattling the government and e-government spaces since 2008 is having real results globally. I will leave it to others to pick apart my statements or point to specific case studies. But reality is social, mobile, cloud are here and have forever changed how governments interact with themselves and with us.
Future Thinking is Thinking About Now
If we are not looking a bit into the future, right now, then the future will come upon us quickly, and find us ill-prepared.