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Gov 2.0 LA 2011 LA Consular Corps: Digital Diplomacy Forum

Gov 2.0 LA 2011  pre-event featuring the Los Angeles Consular Corps made up of representatives from foreign governments.

Pre-Event: Friday February 11, 2011. 10am-12pm.

Los Angeles International Consular Corps Digital Diplomacy Forum. This Gov 2.0 LA 2011 pre-event is free and open to the public, but requires registration – which is limited by the number of seats. Gov20LA thanks National Public Radio, KPPC 89.3 FM who will be hosting this at their studios in Pasadena, California. The Los Angeles Consular Corps is convening  for a state of the art social media dialog. This will be led panelists and speakers from  Gov20LA including: Lovisa Williams of the U.S. State Department, Gina Evans of the British Foreign Commonwealth Office  and Martha McLean of the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Bureau Canada, Government of Canada and Dillon Hosier of the Israel Consulate, Los Angeles. We look forward to working with the Consular Corps of Los Angeles as well as State and Federal agencies for this historic event.

Gov20LA has made the international growth of Gov 2.0 one of the 5 major focuses for the 2011 event. We could not be more pleased to feature this dialog as the pre-event to Gov 2.0 LA 2011. Not only does it facilitate the type of open dialog and easy to understand methods that Gov20LA has become known for, but it will really highlight the interest amongst the International community for Gov 2.0 and open-gov initiatives. It also brings together another focus: the increasingly hyper-local nature of Gov 2.0.

We will be posting the registration information soon – please note it is different from the Gov 2.0 LA 2011 registration found here. We hope you decide to join us at both part s of Gov 2.0 L.A.